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"Lord of the silent heart, hallow this hour."
Flower A. Newhouse

Flower A. Newhouse

Today's Inspirational Message

Compiled by Reverend Hal Lingerman

Receiving Christ Joyfully

So he hurried and came down, and he received and welcomed Christ joyfully.
Luke 19: 6

Persons are fortunate when they are doing something for that which is beyond themselves. This personal giving in personal relationships to difficult people is not only an individual gift to them, of our time and our patience and our forgiveness, and our trust and our vision that someday they will be other than they are now, but it is also a giving to the great stream of humanity.

I am confident that God makes us channels of grace for many other individuals, and that the more we can serve as channels of grace, the more blessed and deepened and fired from deep within we are, in the way God intended us to be.

So what must we do about all this, we who live in this outer world and have the duty of taking upon ourselves our own unfinished work? What must we do? We must see that our life work is to know God better and more deeply and consistently every day, and that this is a work which involves us right where we are, and not only every day and every hour, but every moment and every type of relationship.

We have to telescope our attention to every moment at hand, and we have to say to ourselves as we meet each new trial by the world, that the world always has us on trial. The world is on trial as far as we are concerned too. As we meet this battleground in our own human experiences, by remembering God and His presence which indwells us, we can say to ourselves, "Now, this is the moment to respond differently," with less emotion, with less defensiveness, with less despair and discouragement, with more faith, with more peace, with more trust in the Divine Laws.

Excerpts from Flower A. Newhouse
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Flower A. Newhouse