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Your highest tribute to the Lord Christ is a worship of His Spirit through the living of His Spirit.
Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 3)

Sunday Podcasts

Sunday Service Audio Recordings

Sunday talks delivered by our ministers and guest speakers are recorded weekly and made available here for listening in case you miss a service. Services are held each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest.

Our most recent audio recordings are listed below.

SpeakerPodcastOur Quest to Awaken
08/13/2017 by Reverend Lucy Wold

On the 67th anniversary of the Masters' first visit to Questhaven, we ponder Flower's words: Evolution has been at work for a long, long time, striving to awaken and quicken the Divinity within man. What might we learn about where we have been, where we are now and where we are going on our journey to Awaken?

SpeakerPodcastWhen The Morning Stars Sang Together And All The Children Of God Shouted For Joy!
8/6/2017 by Reverend Julie Hilt

This was actually part of a question posed to Job, but it clearly tells us that intelligent beings existed before the creation of the visible heavens and earth. Why were they singing and shouting for joy? Is it possible they foresaw what was to occur here? That this was to be a place of beauty, where the Lord Jesus would walk, bringing us a new keynote, that we should love one another as I have loved you? Christ told the mystic Luisa Piccarreta that just one degree of advancement in living in the Divine Will makes all of heaven rejoice for all eternity. Join us next week and take a deeper look at exactly what it means to live in Divine Will and give all of Heaven a reason to sing and shout for joy!

SpeakerPodcastChrist in the Russian Mystics
7/30/2017 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

Among various streams of Christian mysticism, many Russians are known for their love of Christ. After Armenia became the first nation to practice the Christ way and teachings as the state religion, Russia followed in 988 under Prince Vladimir. More than half of Russia today is Christian in its faith. Experiencing and reflecting on many Russians' deep love for God and Christ can inspire our own spiritual path; the greatest Russian mystics awaken and release many fiery currents of the Spirit to enrich our lives.

SpeakerPodcastThe Diamond Heart: Love is Christs Pathway
7/23/2017 by Dan Willis

The Perfected Ones tell us that spiritual love is the breath, the beauty, the wisdom of our Soul. Through its pure expression, our Soul unfolds its inherent divinity. Christ's Pathway for us, to search for and recover our oneness with God, is through living love and reverence in worshipful mindfulness of God. Please join us to explore how we can develop a Diamond Heart expressive of Christ's love.

SpeakerPodcastBecoming Acquainted with Our Seven Bodies
7/16/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

Do you ever feel out of sorts? It is important to remember we are not just physical bodies on this earth. We have seven vehicles that are functioning on different levels that make up our being. These bodies can become unaligned, sullied or vibrant depending upon how we take care of them. In the foreword to The Seven Bodies Unveiled, Dr. Stephen Isaac writes, 'It is also these seven levels of our existence that form the bridge joining our matter-of-fact notion of the world we live in with the light-filled, mystical realm of our Creator.'

SpeakerPodcastFinding Freedom in Christ
7/9/2017 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

The essence of God is Love. Love is the container that protects us no matter where we are or what we are experiencing. Even when we experience pain, separation or confusion, we are still enveloped by God's Love. The true realization of this Truth sets us free and teaches us that we can be in this school of Life and find freedom within its lessons. We turn to the living Christ to guide us within His Light into this great understanding of Love.

SpeakerPodcastLet Freedom Ring! Thomas Paines Call Note to America
7/2/2017 by Reverend Felice Reynolds

The founding of our nation nearly 250 years ago was the culmination of many souls following the Divine Impulse being sent from above for a nation where all persons could be free. However, it took someone to sound the charge, to ignite the fire which would spread throughout this young country to propel it to its independence. That soul was Thomas Paine. As we prepare to celebrate our nation's Independence Day, let's take a deeper look at this one to whom George Washington said the American people owe their liberty.

SpeakerPodcastWomen Disciples of Our Lord
6/25/2017 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

The faithful women followers of our Lord did not leave many recorded words, but their actions speak volumes. Church Father John Chrysostom, in a commentary on Paul's Letter to the Romans, wrote: 'For an honor, we have, in that there are such women among us, but we are put to shame, in that we men are left so far behind them. For the women of those days were more spirited than lions.'

SpeakerPodcastThe Value of Solitude
6/18/2017 by Richard Boult

Flower A. Newhouse reminds us that if we are to be illumined we must be very familiar with solitude. It isn't until we create an island of space in consciousness and being that we begin to touch this higher experience. What better place to explore this opportunity than in the mountain wilderness.

SpeakerPodcastIn Tune with Nature
6/18/2017 by Gwen Hulbert

Behind every harmony of nature lies the Infinite Symphony. May we become open to this music of the spheres, as experienced by naturalists and mystics.

SpeakerPodcastStriving for Balance in an Unbalanced World
6/11/2017 by Merrily Boult

Most of us understand the importance of having balance in our lives, yet that isn't always something easily managed in today's fast paced, ever-changing world. Discover how a seven-pointed star can become your guiding compass to achieving a more balanced life.

SpeakerPodcastHoward Thurman: A Christ-filled Mystic
6/4/2017 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

The spiritual path leading us into deeper union with God and the outreaching Christ offers us many creative opportunities and challenges. Studying the lives of fellow spiritual seekers along the way opens windows of light into how we can use our own lifetime to the fullest. Each genuine seeker is always inspiration to us, helping us to find new ways to learn, love and serve all life beautifully to the Glory of God.

SpeakerPodcastPreparing for that Great Journey Home
5/28/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

The spiritual journey of our Soul requires a multitude of physical births and death into and out of this earth life. Understanding and awakening to this process spiritually helps us consciously enter these experiences more aware and joyous for what they bring us. Let's explore these topics as well as begin to open our attention to what life will be like on the other side - the Inner Realms of Light.

SpeakerPodcastListening to the Whisperings of Spirit
5/21/2017 by Reverend Lucy Wold

If we choose to listen to the Whisperings of Spirit instead of the shouts of our egos, how might our lives begin to change? The magical story of one man's evolutionary journey to discover how to live a meaningful, purposeful life rather than trying to satisfy his own desires may provide inspiration for our own unfolding path.

SpeakerPodcastSpiritual Motherhood
5/14/2017 by Reverend Julie Hilt

Let's look deeper at how we keep God's commandments with new awareness of the amazing gifts of motherhood. All gifts needed are given freely through grace. Spiritual Motherhood has affected most of us, think of that one person who touched your soul with perhaps one conversation, a thought, advice, loving care, a hug that trembled your soul. That is Spiritual Motherhood - it exudes the Christ spirit within us!

SpeakerPodcastHow the Inward Aspects of May Bless Our Lives
5/7/2017 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

The spiritual Beauty and Wonder of Maytime is brought to life through the teachings of Flower A. Newhouse. There is so much for us to behold at this powerful time of year and, like all aspects of the spiritual life, the more open and sensitive we become the more we understand and experience, and the more our lives are blessed.

SpeakerPodcastRevealing Our Divinity Within: Christs I AM Affirmations
4/30/2017 by Dan Willis

There is in each of us a Heaven we are not fully touching - a sanctuary of monumental powers, divine ability, and perfect expression of God Light. Explore the seven I AM affirmations of Jesus which reveal the divinity within each of us, and learn ways to commune with our overshadowing and enfolding God-Self.

SpeakerPodcastLet There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me
4/23/2017 by Reverend Felice Reynolds

As we take the joy and promise that Easter brings into our hearts, let us turn inward and think about one of the important qualities that we must cultivate in our journey upward: Peace. In order to achieve outer peace in our world, we need to be able to each come to peace within ourselves.

SpeakerPodcastChrist Alive in You
4/16/2017 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

Easter Sunday: Like a laser, the living Christ energizes each person to be a more radiant transmitter of loving kindness, integrity, and courage in the world. How brightly and beautifully is Christ's light shining through you? How has the Lord Emmanuel pruned or clarified various parts of you during this year's Lent to Easter journey? How have the Christ and His Company of Heaven helped you to activate light energy in your body temple, your layers of feeling, your mind, and your character, so that you can be a more transparent, soulful instrument of service? As Flower A. Newhouse reminds us, 'Every one is able to contact the Lord Emmanuel-God with us, whenever we, through prayer, meditation, and unselfish living, plumb the larger depths of our own inner beings.'

SpeakerPodcastThe Necessary Second Birth
4/9/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

Palm Sunday: Flower tells us that life's ultimate goal is God-conscious existence. We can get there through a series of transformations in consciousness. These can be looked at as a birthing of a new consciousness. As we begin to explore this concept perhaps we will begin to better understand what Christ meant when He said: Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

SpeakerPodcastThe Alchemical Power of Spirit
4/2/2017 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

Alchemy is the process of transforming matter, such as changing common ore into gold. Reverend Flower Newhouse stated that some residue of 'common ore' exists within each of us. The activity of the Presence of God plus the working power of Truth acts as an alchemy that releases the real gold in our natures. When we willingly and reverently apply the heat of overcoming we can be transformed into purer being.

SpeakerPodcastTransitions of Consciousness
3/26/2017 by Reverend Lucy Wold

The two states of consciousness that usually motivate us as human beings are world consciousness and consciousness of Spirit. At some point in our evolution we begin to realize the limitations of worldly interests and yearn to experience Divine Realities. What draws us to this life-changing awakening of our Soul?

SpeakerPodcastChrist and the Elder Brothers and Sisters of Light
3/19/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

One of the great Truths that gives me comfort is knowing that there is a great Inner Government functioning over this plane of evolvement on earth. These Lords and Masters give us not only a blessing but also a model of our own becoming. Our indebtedness to These selfless servers of God can begin to be repaid as we rise in our interest and helpfulness to all life around us. Then we, too, become extensions of this great Hierarchy's Influence upon this world for our Lord Christ.

SpeakerPodcastSpiritual Identification
3/12/2017 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

The Song of 'Spiritual Identification' promises deliverance into the heart of God. For, as we come to identify with the divine nature within us all else comes into harmony and we can then exist in our world with greater purpose, love, peace and ease. Flower describes it as 'merging the whole person-body, moods, mind and Soul with the power and order of Spirit.' When this is active in us, we no longer need to control our lives, but rather we allow God Indwelling to create our experience.

SpeakerPodcastThe Mind Can Be Renewed
3/5/2017 by Reverend Felice Reynolds

Flower reminds us that each day offers an opportunity for psychological cleansing, to discard the outgrown and the meaningless and invite improvement and growth. Were every man to thoroughly realize thought's value and power he would include among his new resolutions a solemn determination to think the kind of ideas that lead to peace and inward happiness.

SpeakerPodcastChrist Alive in the Partnerships of Men and Women
2/26/2017 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

As Lent begins this week, let us live each of the upcoming 46 days as 'fragrantly' in Christ as possible. Take an inventory throughout Lent of persons you have met in this lifetime who have enriched you with their Christ-like actions, heart-felt lovingkindness, uplifting ideas, courage and generosity of spirit. Note also difficulties in these relationships that you have seen transformed by cultivating more Christ-like qualities and responses. Each of us can be a valuable contributor to God's Good.

SpeakerPodcastChoice: Our Great Gift and Responsibility
2/19/2017 by Merrily Boult

Our Creator has bestowed us with the great gift of free will, yet how we use it is an even greater responsibility. While it can lead us to higher heights along life's path, the freedom of choice can also be our undoing, for every choice we make, no matter how great or how small, is leading us either Godward or toward self. How do we become more conscious of the choices we make?

SpeakerPodcastHumanitys Inner Potential
2/12/2017 by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

The beginning of a new year is a good time to think about our inner potentials. We are here for the purpose of spiritual growth and this is a time to set new goals that allow our inner potentials to be developed. Our Lord taught that man needed to come to earth in order to exercise his latent divinity, and as this latent divinity began to express itself and unfold, petal by petal, then all the higher powers of man would be felt. They would touch, while still mortals, the same consciousness that Masters know.

SpeakerPodcastChrist Expressed Humor: Living in the Light of Laughter
2/5/2017 by Dan Willis

Cheerfulness is one of the characteristics of true spirituality. Flower tells us that Christ's eyes laughed and he was sagely humorous. Come join us this week preparing to laugh, and to discover the joyousness of soul in learning to live within the Light of laughter.

SpeakerPodcastA Study of Great Souls and the Path of Initiation
1/29/2017 by Reverend Blake Isaac

We come to this school of life not only to take up one grade but to return into higher grades of experience and development. This is an initiatory path. Next to our discovery of truth of God comes the exampleship of great souls who are farther up this path than we are. We should be interested in every hint and suggestion that their lives display to inspire and guide us along the way.

SpeakerPodcastAnd the Greatest of these is Love
1/22/2017 by Reverend Lucy Wold

The Bible tells us that love is greater than faith...greater than hope. We are told that we are ensouled by Love in the name of the Christ and there is no problem that Love cannot help to answer. Are we large-hearted enough to really begin to Love and to learn how to send forth our beam of Love to all? Let us explore.

SpeakerPodcastSt. Peters Tears
1/15/2017 by Reverend Julie Hilt

Then at the crowing of the cock, Peter went out and wept bitterly. That weeping is one of the most famous verses in the Bible. Peter denied Jesus out of fear and under pressure of accusation his resolve crumbled. But his weeping comes from a place of insight. Understanding our tears is one of the most important things. What do we see in this series of events, what do we not see? Look behind the surface of events to see what was calling out for healing in a situation that looked impossible.

SpeakerPodcastHow Will You Grow Spiritually This New Year
1/8/2017 by Reverend Hal A. Lingerman

2017 offers us a cornucopia of new opportunities for learning on many levels.It is a time to unify our higher Self with our personality self, by refining our behaviors and deeds, opening our heart through our new responses of empathy, compassion, forgiveness and encouragement, and deepening by expanding our studies and spiritual disciplines. Let us prayerfully invite our Soul Self (the Christ within us) to inspire us with its own Light and the inflowing, radiant pulsations of the Lord Christ and all His Company of heaven, which are always feeding us.

SpeakerPodcastCelebrating the New Year: Planetary Logos Blessing the Earth
1/1/2017 by Reverend Miara Wiltshire

With Christmas still aglow in our hearts we step into the New Year. Flower tells us that the Planetary Logos at this midnight period receives from the Solar Logos a tremendous outpouring of blessing. This blessing is then given to the world and offers a message of inspiration for each of us. As we look into the teachings of Flower A. Newhouse we will come to understand more about this powerful time of year and will be even more ready to embrace 2017 with open hearts, courage and greater wisdom.