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Masters' Silent Retreat

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Walk in Silence

Silence is entirely different from the other states, meditation and prayer. It has its own purpose, its own great value, and beauty. We must be able to understand it and to use it in its right way. If we once come to an understanding of what Silence is, how we may exercise it and stand within it, then thereafter shall we be able to pray more richly and to use our minds far more intelligently for the boundless opportunities of meditation. There are three stages in Silence: we must proceed from one to another naturally and voluntarily and automatically. The first stage is the one in which we condition ourselves for Divine reception. In the second stage, we stand receptively in God's light. In the third stage, different entirely too, we enter a higher state of being.
Flower A. Newhouse

On Saturday, August 12, Questhaven will be commemorating the 67th anniversary of the Masters who sponsor this work first coming to those gathered in Chapelito. Through Their conscious communication with the Rev. Flower A. Newhouse, teachings from these Perfected Ones were expressed.

Come join us for the Silent Masters' Retreat beginning at 9:00 a.m. in Chapelito. The retreat's theme is Receiving Guidance from the Great Ones on our Christward Journey.

There will be an opening meditation, recording of one of Flower's talks on the Masters, questions and answers previously posed to the Masters during Their visitations, and private time to walk the grounds, meditate, and commune within Their Reality.

Bring your journal, along with good walking shoes, a sack lunch, water and sunscreen.

Yes, there are Masters. Just a few of them, out of the millions and billions of souls that constitute humanity, both in the inner and outer spheres. But These few Who have become prototypes within Themselves, reveal to us what we are in the process of becoming.
Flower A. Newhouse

9 a.m. Meet in Chapelito (silent, with Music to attune us Godward)

Welcome/Introduction by Dan Willis

Talk on the Masters by our founder: Flower A. Newhouse

Experience time in silence in Chapelito, Prayer Garden, Church, Labyrinth, Academy or the Trails.

My influence and purpose is to bring you peace and lead you into the Inner Holy of Holies.
The Wise and the Strong

12:00 p.m. Closing

Friendship House will be open for a non-hosted silent lunch

God is here in every moment and in every molecule. Be aware of His Presence; focus your attention with adoration, thanksgiving, and praise. God does communicate with each of us, whom He has created. He touches the heart and quickens the mind of those who seek Him. To hear the Divine Voice, there needs to be inward and outward stillness so that the soul can be alone with Him in His Presence. It is in the silence that our wounds are healed and that guidance comes.
Flower A. Newhouse

One of the Wise and the Strong, by Arthur G. Learned

The Hierarchy of Masters

(paraphrased excerpts from a 1961 talk by Flower A. Newhouse)

What do perfected souls, men and women, mean to us? They mean the affirmation of life itself, what life can be, what life is at its fullest and deepest and richest. For a long, long time men and women in many incarnations strive to live up to the Light that they receive concerning God, God Supreme, God the Whole.

The Lord Christ Himself wants our conscious recognition of every soul, human or Angel, who has achieved this great unfoldment of conscious channeling through divinity in the most perfect and complete sense.

We are to be Their outposts of consciousness here on earth, and these are the things that we should consider at a time like this. How well are we listening, how well are we living Their Holy instruction? How well are we mindful of Their reality and of that which is greater than ourselves, and giving reverent worship to it constantly?

The sacred beginning is when life is lived in such a way that we become the living, fiery wire of eternity, used and channeled by the Holy Ones.